Amazon Management Services

RT7Digital build, manage and optimise Amazon accounts for clients. We have a range of customers that turnover varying amounts, some accounts turnover up to £500,000 on the Amazon platform annually. There are a lot of tasks involved in running a successful Amazon account and it is important that a good strategy is maintained across the account.

The key areas that must be focused on are below and some clients of ours can manage some of these through existing departments in their business and for some, we manage the whole platform. The main reason Amazon is so important now is that it is the second biggest search engine behind Google and arguably the number one search engine for product searches, so a well-maintained presence is critical for any B2B or B2C strategy of a business.

Product upload and optimisation. The first part of getting your products seen is a well-optimised listing. For some clients, we upload new products and others we optimise their current listings. Making use of all the tools Amazon give you (which are sometimes quite well hidden) is vital in appearing in search on Amazon.

Advertising. This is the key area of Amazon that is vital for success on the platform. Amazon is constantly testing new advertising products and it is imperative that brands have a good account manager and are ‘in the know’ when a new product is made available to sellers or vendors. We have been selling on Amazon and working on behalf of clients on Amazon for over 9 years and have seen how the advertising opportunities have evolved over time. We are constantly testing what works and what doesn’t so as to get the highest ROI from any spending made.

Customer Service. Amazon does not care about sellers and vendors the way they do about their customers. This means that as a seller/vendor you will not be given many chances if you let their customers down. If a message goes unanswered for 24 hours (yes even at weekends) your metrics are severely affected, you can even get your account blocked (sometimes permanently) if you consistently let customers down with poor or untimely responses. For some clients who maybe don’t have English speaking customer service or just don’t have the bandwidth to manage this, we take care of this part of the process. We can also proactively follow up with individual customers to get feedback, encourage repeat customers and potentially reviews.

Reviews. A huge part of the Amazon ecosystem is their review platform. The terms of service state that you cannot offer a free product in return for a review. It is very important these rules are not broken on their platform as it can lead to an account being banned without appeal. We have a system for getting customers to review and a network of people to help launch a product within Amazon terms of service that we utilise for the brands we represent. A free review can go a huge way to making or breaking a product on Amazon.

Inventory Management. For some clients, we manage the maintaining and shipping of inventory at Amazon.