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Digital Marketing Agency Cape Town

Ever wondered what and who we are? We welcome you into the life of Digital Content Creators at RT7Digital, a digital marketing agency based in the beautiful city of Cape Town We were established in early 2012 with the objective of rethinking and redefining the digital landscape. Whether it is through creating content that is…

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Content Marketing Is Still King

Is content marketing really worth it? You publish an article, some people read it, some may like it, and then what? What is the next step? People are yelling out “they convert” – which is true but how do they get there? If you read enough blog posts or browsing the internet, you’ll see an overly…

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The Jump from Corporate to Creative | Thoby Solheim

Transitioning from the structured, formal world of the corporate and career ladders of Investment Banking to the more informal, less structured, and creative world of a digital media agency in Cape Town. Corporate Versus Creative Corporate: adjective or noun meaning an association legally given by law the rights and liabilities of an individual; having qualities…

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Meet The Interns

Our office family has grown! We now are home to two creative interns. Our new recruits are bright, creative and ready to take on the digital world at RT7. Let’s face it, fresh brains are always a winner. We might have hit the jackpot with them but shhhh… Working in a such a fast pace…

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Anderson Health Website Revamp

Here at RT7 HQ, we are always embarking on exciting new projects. Over the last few months, we were approached by leading health care advisers, Anderson Health. From a complete redesign of their site, right down to a logo revamp the RT7 team took on the challenge of modernising this website without losing its essence.…

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