internet of things security

Not so Smart Teddy Bears: What You Should Know About Internet of Things Security

Picture the scene. Your child has an amazing new teddy bear, which allows you to record and send messages from any location, that your child can listen to on demand. Your child can record and send messages back to you. Clever, and very cute. But then the teddy bear is hacked and someone plays your…

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RT7 Digital _ graphic design copy

Our Graphic Designers Process

There are many ways a designer can create an idea from scratch to the final work of art, graphic designers have a different process and method of doing things. At RT7, our way of working is methodological and strategic. The Brief The designer will be briefed on a project with specific outcomes and specifications on…

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digital marketing agency cape town

Digital Marketing Agency Cape Town

Ever wondered what and who we are? We welcome you into the life of Digital Content Creators at RT7Digital, a digital marketing agency based in the beautiful city of Cape Town We were established in early 2012 with the objective of rethinking and redefining the digital landscape. Whether it is through creating content that is…

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The Connected World Of IoT

We have progressed significantly since the Stone Age. The world we live in has done a complete 360 by fuelling a rapidly growing technological environment, making it impossible to return to the archaic scene we once found ourselves in. Bringing us into the 21st century and beyond is the Iot (Internet of Things). Smart Homes…

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Content Marketing Is Still King

Is content marketing really worth it? You publish an article, some people read it, some may like it, and then what? What is the next step? People are yelling out “they convert” – which is true but how do they get there? If you read enough blog posts or browsing the internet, you’ll see an overly…

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The Power Of The Dash Button

The Dash Buttons Amazon Dash is a Wi-Fi enabled button that serves one purpose: to order a single, pre-programmed item from Amazon with ease. It attaches to any surface and for things like diapers and garbage bags, it’s a slight boost to efficiency for people looking to streamline everything. The online retailer has seen enormous…

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Em RT7 Digital

RT7 Digital Loses A Superstar!

“Alas, the time has come for me to move on from RT7 Digital. From becoming a professional in table tennis to diving into the world of SEO and UX, RT7 has opened many doors for me within the last 18 months. RT7 has provided a nourishing environment in which I have been able to grow…

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3 Reasons Why You Need Live Chat

The trouble with online shopping is that many customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real time with precision. Rather than watching potential customers click away from their e-commerce sites, many businesses have been adding live chat support. Live Chat is a crucial part of a business and here are 3…

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Calling all Digital Marketing enthusiast! Are you looking for an opportunity to be exposed to the wondrous world of digital marketing? Are you Tech Savy? Do you have a “go getter” attitude? Are you hands on and hungry to learn? If you replied yes to all the above…. RT7 Digital wants YOU! Yes, You! To…

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Position Available: Junior Designer

RT7 Digital are now looking for a quirky Junior Designer/Copywriter. If you are a keen learner looking for a creative environment in which you can develop your skills and work with some amazing clients from around the world, then this is the position for you.   More about RT7 Digital: RT7 Digital is a digital…

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