Company Shortcuts | Website Redesign & Support alongside internal resources

Rt7 Digital started working with Company Shortcuts as a client in August 2012 when they were looking to migrate their website from a custom platform onto WordPress.

Company Shortcuts Case StudyThis client has been very important to us in their support of our development services since we opened our office in Cape Town in July 2013. When they first approached us they were running five different websites – including – which had been developed over the course of a few years by different development companies.

They were struggling with supporting multiple hosting packages and dealing with a range of different website platforms that required a variety of technical skills.

Our first point of action was to bring all the websites under a single hosting environment with our preferred supplier – Clook – who we rely on heavily for hosting. We had decided with the client that the first point of call was to migrate all of their services-related websites onto a wordpress platform & migrate the content.

The work on Company Shortcuts started with our designer laying out a number of options for the new site, and then us working with the client to decide on how the navigation on the site was to perform.

We then migrated the existing website and had completed the first phase which was to bring the website into their new technical structure.

Rt7 Digital then moved onto the business phase and the looking into what the client was looking to acheive through the website, which was largely around demand generation.

We put together a strategy for target pages for the main phrases that they were looking to target online and they worked on amending the existing content to these targets.

Lastly they required a transition to a WordPress Multi Site environment as they were looking to provide different levels of access to information on the site to different levels of user. This multi site environment was also important as they wanted to launch mini-sites with a different image from the main website to support specific marketing initiatives.