Content Management Systems

A good content management system (CMS) will help you integrate your website with internal users who will find it easy to post content and interact with users.

Content management systemsThe more you make your website a part of your business, the more you will be able to benefit & nurture the customers who visit your website. With a good quality content management system & ongoing training your staff will increasingly see your website as a important part of their company.

The base level contact management system (CMS) we use is WordPress but we also build websites for customers on a variety of other platforms dependent on the needs of their specific website.

In all our solutions we incorporate different levels of user access which can be assigned within your organisation dependent on seniority or on staff function.

  • Configuring so sales staff can only see the order management & CRM side of the CMS
  • Configurations for webmasters so they can only see the technical development side of the CMS
  • Carefully configuring so that sales figures, KPI’s can only be seen by senior management.

Within an ecommerce product like 3dcart the website, CRM, Marketing, promotions are all configured through an admin area so it is imperative that carefully thought is given to roles & that suitable training is given to the relevant staff.

With Rt7 Digital we will always look to implement a content management system with strong functionality, and also help you integrate this into the way you manage the digital side of your business.