Customer Service

RT7Digital have a fully managed customer service/remote staff department. Our customers have found the flexibility of this extremely useful as they can upscale and shift between requirements month to month and turn services on and off as needed. All of our team are trained to your specific business, educated to higher education level and managed by an onsite manager at all times.

Every client has different needs, for example, they might just need a live chat function on a website to be manned by an English speaking person. In this case, they could share this resource with multiple companies making the cost to each client very low but their live chat still answered within 30 seconds (targets for response time set by client). Some clients require a team of customer service representatives doing business-critical tasks such as managing inboxes, answering phones, live chat, following up on leads, filling in data sheets, booking travel, managing diaries etc. As long as you can train someone to do the task this can be managed through a remote worker. Our offices run on high-speed internet connections, stable telephone lines and project management software to make sure everything is accountable and reportable.