Digital Commerce Solutions

Digital Commerce - Rt7 Digital We have been developing Digital Commerce solutions for our own businesses since 2005 and have a robust solution for clients looking for a stylish website combined with incredibly strong back end administration functionality.

The best analogy we have found for this is that of the iceberg. The external website that clients see is really only the top of the iceberg showing on top of the water. The external website is your shop front and allows you to showcase your product range.

A carefully designed and configured website will have clear navigation, will explain your products, answer customer questions and allow customers to purchase your products with ease.

At the back end of your website is the admin area where for starters you can make changes to your website,  view customer details, process orders & dispatch goods.

However the solution that we use for digital commerce also includes live chat, full CRM, email marketing, accounting integration as basics with a range of other plugins that will help you integrate your digital sales channels into the core of your business.