Digital Strategy

At RT7Digital, our team comes to work everyday eager to push the boundaries. Whether it’s crafting the perfect line of copy or call to action, or taking a business from bricks and mortar to digitally empowered, everything we do is done with the same level of passion.

The first step in our digital strategy involves understanding your business and its objectives. We feel that by working with you to define the conversions you want to achieve, we’re better equipped to devise a strategy and method that brings results. We prefer to take a personal approach with all of our clients and talk to them on a regular basis so that we can tailor our services and strategies to better suit their goals and objectives.

RT7Digital also conduct persona research by looking at your customer’s behavior, i.e. what they talk about, their personal aspirations, challenges and desires. This allows us to understand your target audience and sometimes even discover a new set of customers that you may not have thought even existed. By so doing, we reach them better through content creation, promotion and distribution, via your existing blog, social media platforms and external influencers.

Once we’re clear on who you are and who you should be talking to, we work to establish a conversation between both parties. This is the start of our fully integrated digital marketing solution, that is suited to your individual requirements and those of your customers – the ones who already exist as well as those who have yet to discover how awesome you are.

ReThink Digital