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Not so Smart Teddy Bears: What You Should Know About Internet of Things Security

Picture the scene. Your child has an amazing new teddy bear, which allows you to record and send messages from any location, that your child can listen to on demand. Your child can record and send messages back to you. Clever, and very cute. But then the teddy bear is hacked and someone plays your…

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The Connected World Of IoT

We have progressed significantly since the Stone Age. The world we live in has done a complete 360 by fuelling a rapidly growing technological environment, making it impossible to return to the archaic scene we once found ourselves in. Bringing us into the 21st century and beyond is the Iot (Internet of Things). Smart Homes…

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The Power Of The Dash Button

The Dash Buttons Amazon Dash is a Wi-Fi enabled button that serves one purpose: to order a single, pre-programmed item from Amazon with ease. It attaches to any surface and for things like diapers and garbage bags, it’s a slight boost to efficiency for people looking to streamline everything. The online retailer has seen enormous…

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