Internet of Things (IoT)


Internet of Things (IoT)

You’ve probably heard of Amazon’s IoT button, they call it ‘Amazon Dash’. In the first year of launch, Amazon saw orders placed via their buttons grow fivefold.
Market leaders are using this technology to secure repeat orders customers loyal to their products.

We’ve been working with this new technology, helping an innovative water business in the UK become the first to successfully use the smart buttons for ordering bottled water for water coolers.

What are the benefits making IoT smart buttons an integral part of your business?

- Reordering replacement products are made easier leading to increased frequency of orders

- You take customers off other sales channels where they can browse other brands

- Customers stick to one brand for their replacement product

- You can increase your customer base

And for your customers?

- Quick and easy to set up and use

- Products replenished quickly

- Automates purchasing process

- Never run out of product again

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Recent work


Hydrate.Direct: Water Made Simple

Using Amazon’s IoT button, and cloud platform, we helped launch the first smart button ordering service for a water cooler company in the UK: Hydrate.Direct. With successful integration into an eCommerce platform, one press of the button and customers get bottled water the next day.

The result is a real UK success story. With a growing, loyal customer base, repeat orders, and exposure to a broader geographical market than traditional water delivery companies, Hydrate.Direct is an innovator within a previously staid industry.

  • Successful launch of ‘smart button’ for next day water ordering service
  • Integration with eCommerce platform
  • Fully automated service – from order to fulfilment

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