Logo Design Questionnaire

In order to aid us in the job of designing your company logo, we find it useful if you spend some time answering some questions laid out below in our logo design questionnaire.

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Please write out the logo name exactly as you’d like for it to appear in the design

How would you describe your company/business to someone who has no knowledge of your existence?

Do you have a tagline or a slogan? Would you like to see it incorporated with the logo?

Describe your target market, gender, age, geography

Please provide some adjectives that describe what you hope to communicate with your logo. (e.g. strong, exciting, warm, welcoming, inventive, humorous, feminine, serene, athletic, etc.)

What sort of style do you envision? (e.g. modern and clean, old world, cutting edge, vintage, sporty, futuristic, etc.)

Do you have any particular images or symbols you associate with your product or company? (e.g. favorite animal or object, like a lion, ship, mountain or tree.)

Is there a certain look that you like (include URLs or company names if possible)?

Are there any elements that you would like to see included in your logo design/site design?

Are there any images or concepts you DO NOT want to see?

Do you want your logo to include text only, text and graphic, or graphic only?

Do you prefer icon based logo or text based logo or combination of the two?

What colors do you want to include in the design?

When you click send a copy of the Logo Design Questionnaire will be sent to Rt7 Digital & also copied to yourself for future records.


Many thanks for taking the time to think through this Logo Design Questionnaire which has been designed to focus your thoughts on the logo your company/project will use.

We often find it useful for you to pass this questionnaire to other colleagues to see if there is a common theme regarding styling within all involved in the project.

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