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Our office family has grown! We now are home to two creative interns. Our new recruits are bright, creative and ready to take on the digital world at RT7. Let’s face it, fresh brains are always a winner. We might have hit the jackpot with them but shhhh…

Working in a such a fast pace environment can be overwhelming. Social media changes, trends change, new technology arises making it important to stay at the top of all things new.

Zarreen’s first impression of us was, “crazy”! Well, she might be absolutely correct. She is currently in process of completing her third year in Public Relations at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Tawfeeq considers himself to be an overly enthusiastic 22-year-old! He has recently graduated from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Marketing Communications.

Fun Facts About Our Interns

Here are a few fun facts about our interns.

First up is the bubbly Zarreen, she has a passion for media, fashion and PEOPLE! Her dream as she explains, is to work for a fabulous magazine company such as GQ international. Fashion PR, digital and media is where she is headed (watch out world – Zarreen is coming for you!).

Hidden talent: “I’m like a detective, I swear I should have been in the FBI or CSI.

What’s the first thing people notice about you: “I think that would be my voice (I can be really loud sometimes), also how quickly I start interacting with strangers. My sister hates going out with me, boohoo!”

What makes you laugh, like ROFL: “Drunk people.”

Why do you work in digital: I love keeping up with trends, Digital is like a trend so get with the program. It’s the new way of life. The digital world is growing so fast and I’m the eager beaver who is willing to dive right into it head first.

Tawfeeq on fleek enjoys the blissful beauty of nature in its truest. You might find him on the trails in Newlands forest, hiking the mountains of the Cape or his absolute favourite pastime – surfing the swells of long beach (his exact words – we might have gained a poet).

Hidden talent: “I don’t hide anything. But basically, hiding? Could that be classified as a hidden talent? Just asking.”

What’s the first people notice about you: “My eyelashes – I get a lot of hate for how long and luscious they are.”

What makes you laugh, like ROFL: “My own thoughts! Don’t judge me. But also, Zach Galifianakis is kinda funny too.”

Why do you work in digital: “I was born in the age of the internet. I grew up with a cellular phone in my hand, witnessing the evolution from Mxit to Instagram – I believe that digital is the future and would love to be a part of it.”

Well, they sure do work hard and are eager to learn. We are excited for what’s to come and believe they have what it takes to conquer the digital marketing world.

Posted on April 6, 2017 in Rt7 Digital

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