RT7 Digital Loses A Superstar!

Em RT7 Digital

“Alas, the time has come for me to move on from RT7 Digital. From becoming a professional in table tennis to diving into the world of SEO and UX, RT7 has opened many doors for me within the last 18 months. RT7 has provided a nourishing environment in which I have been able to grow both career wise and personally.

It’s been a great year and a half which has provided me with great exposure to the industry and not to mention I’ve made some lifelong friends. (Yes, Ash this includes you, even though most of your grey hairs are because of my antics). My job ranged from being part of designing websites like Big Roast and Humboldt, to being able to interpret Google Analytics statistics. From writing copy and creating social media campaigns, right down to sending email marketing campaigns for our clients.

I’d like to thank the whole team here at RT7 Digital. Thoby for being a warm and welcoming boss with a constant “open door” policy. Ash for taking the reins and running the team, Tahnee for always sharing her food, Giah for reminding me at 15h00 every day that it’s time to have a brain break and to Tawfeeq for always writing “motivational quotes” on my desk.

Go forth and prosper RT7 Digital, keep up the trend of Kak Jersey Thursday and always remember that Friday Pieday IS A THING. You guys rock!”

- Em Kendrick

Posted on June 29, 2017 in Rt7 Digital

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