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In an office of 5 women and 2 men, finding common ground and common interests is often challenging. With much change in our staff and strategy going forward into the new year, we needed to regroup.

The usual team building around food was starting to just be called “lunch” -a feast session rather than a team building session. We needed to shake things up, boost our confidence and rid our frustrations, while still finding common interests.

This was beginning to sound more and more like Mission Impossible. Cue Carla Solheim, a South African black belt martial arts sensei! What better way to shake things up and give us all a good kick-start than with a good kick up the you know what!

Martial arts are practised as a form of self-defence, mental and spiritual development. It is proven to instil self-discipline, and self-confidence in practised individuals. In all, it promotes the well-being of your mind and body and empowers individuals.

Learning to defend yourself or what to do in an attack is surprisingly not general knowledge. We were taught to use our bodies as weapons (which is not human instinct). Learning to work with your body weight and learning to trust your body instils confidence in oneself. Learning to use your skills for self-defense and protection rather than attack teaches you self-discipline.

The aim of our short lesson in martial arts was to learn moves that will protect ourselves and buy time to escape or get help, rather than harm and seek revenge.

A crucial tip was to go for the soft parts of the face and body. “Don’t be a hero and go in for a flying kick” chances are, your attacker will see it coming and you’ll land flat on your back. Instead, we were taught to go for simple yet effective moves such as simply blocking your face in a submissive stance with hands raised. While this might not seem like a courageous self-empowering move, it can quickly turn into an unexpected, deadly “eye gauge”!  More advanced moves included learning how to break some bones like noses, fingers, arms and even shoulders, (“easy targets” in the martial arts world!)

Carla taught us how to throw your weight into a punch and where to punch an attacker so that it injures rather than just making them angry. Cue in the CEO of RT7Digital! How many employees can say they’ve punched their boss and not been fired! This is both a fun and effective exercise that is sure to rev up your employees. Have your boss, manager or team leader hold a punching block as you each take turns practising your new skills on him- (of course, we mean the punching block). This exercise will allow you to let out any grudges or frustrations with your boss (yes, we all have disagreements) but it also builds a bond of trust between the two of you and restores confidence in one another.

Who knew an afternoon of kicking butt and getting our butts kicked would result in a closer knit of employees, confident in each other and ourselves, with just the right amount of energy to go forward and achieve greatness!

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Posted on March 3, 2017 in Rt7 Digital

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