South Africa’s Widest Range of Water Coolers

The Water Cooler Company is South Africa’s leading water cooler company, based in Cape Town and supported by a nationwide network of engineers who can install, maintain and service water coolers across the SA. We are a family-run business with a great team waiting to take your phone calls and answer any questions you have.  We currently offer a large range of products:

Bottled Water Coolers
Our bottled water coolers offer a stylish way to dispense our premium quality spring water in either home or business environments. All our bottled water coolers are available for purchase and come with a wide variety of accessories.

Bottleless Water Coolers
Also known as mains-fed water coolers, our bottleless water coolers  offer an endless supply to chilled or heated water plumbed directly from your mains-water supply. They are great  for office environments where bottles may be unsuitable or the costs are prohibitive. They can also be used by companies alongside normal bottled water coolers or as a straight replacement. Bottleless water coolers are often prefered in larger offices as they offer customers a fixed cost on a weekly basis.
Please note that you will need access to a potable mains water supply nearby and an electricity point within three metres of your proposed water cooler site

Water cooler accessories are important to get the most out of your cooler from plastic cups through to cones, from cup dispensers to water cooler sanitisation kits – we stock the lot. We can arrange for accessories to be delivered direct to your door – anywhere in South Africa.